SMS Teacher’s Art on exhibit at Clemson City Hall

The collaborative efforts of Clemson ARTS Center and the City of Clemson opened an art gallery at Clemson City Hall. Exhibits feature the works of local artists that range from those just emerging to seasoned artists.  A collection of works by Robert Spencer is currently displayed in the upstairs Administration and Council Chamber lobbies, and downstairs in the Planning and Codes lobby.  The artist lives in Clemson and has been an Art Instructor at Seneca Middle School since 1990.  Spencer said, “The objective of my work, individual and collective, is to visually engage the viewer in order to establish a dialogue about the art work, with the art work and within themselves about the emotional and spiritual struggles within the human experience. It is my sincere hope that the dialogue will lead the viewer to, and on, a journey to a better understanding of their condition and/or significant aspects of the human condition.” The exhibit will remain open for viewing Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm at Clemson City Hall through April 30, 2014.