Social Networking Survey

A new survey of social networking in 21 countries makes this key point according to Richard Wike, director of the Pew Global Attitudes Project.  “This survey highlights the fact that social networking really is a global phenomenon.” The United States is second only to Britain in social networking according to Wike.  “In countries like Britain, United States, Spain, and Russia, you’ve got about half the adult population using social networking sites.” Wike says all that seems to be needed to involve people in social networking is access.  “In middle and low income countries once people have access to the internet they tend to get involved with social networking.  So in places like Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, other countries there is a lot of interest in social networking.” There are many reasons why people worldwide get involved in social networking, adds Wike.  “Pop culture is a popular topic; people are sharing their views about music and movies.” Wike gives other popular topics discussed on social networking sites. “People are also going online to share their views about community issues, politics and sports.” The survey found Arab nations as the clear leader when it comes to the importance of social networking in politics.