Be a Sponsor or Vendor at the SC Foothills Heritage Fair

This year the South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair celebrates its tenth anniversary, Sept. 25-29, with a new location at the FARM Center on Highway 123 across from Ag Pro. There is still time to be a sponsor, says Melinda Harbin, Secretary of the South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair Board. “We will entertain anybody that wants to come and partner with us. We like to try to do unique sponsorships like sponsor the stage or the barn or the rodeo events. So, we can match some opportunity to your business.” The fair is also looking to add more craft vendors, explains Harbin. “We still need craft vendors. We like to have the local crafts people come out and show what they have made and hopefully sell a lot and get some more business for them. Our fee for craft vendors is very low, its only $25 for a 10×10 space and that is for the whole time of the fair. You are not required to come every night, of course we hope you can, but we understand that people work and can’t always man a booth for five days. We really want the local craft vendors to come out and participate with us. Retail vendors are also welcome, there is a form on the website they can fill out. We’ll take retailers or re-sellers, we call them, as well.” The South Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair at 2063 Sandifer Boulevard in Westminster is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. It’s mission is to celebrate both rural and urban heritage while cultivating an innovative future through education and leadership. For more information, visit