Tams possibly playing at 4th of July Concert in Seneca

Next summer, the City of Seneca hopes to have the Tams playing their 4th of July Celebration at Gignilliat Field. This week, the Seneca Events Committee approved a recommendation to city council to contact the band about performing, explains Seneca Mayor Pro Tem Ronnie O’Kelley, who is a member of the committee. “They really like coming here and I know the mayor said this year he had 5-6 people ask him where were the Tams, they’re just so used to seeing them but we haven’t had them in 3 or 4 years. You try to mix it up and have different people and a variety of music but my thing I like quality of music, so they’ve reach out that they would like to come back. So, if we could do that and another good band; have a couple of real nice bands for the 4th of July and end it all with a big fireworks show that would be pretty neat.” The Seneca City Council will vote on the recommendation from the Events Committee about hiring the Tams to play the city’s 4th of July Celebration at their next regular monthly meeting.