Tax Collection Scam Reported in Oconee County

Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw was notified by the Tax Collector’s Office in Oconee County of a scam letter that was sent to a citizen in regards to receiving a delinquent tax bill in the mail. The balance for this “tax bill” was $14,032.00.The citizen received a “Distraint Warrant” from the Tax Resolution Unit of Oconee County, which does not exist. The Tax Collector’s Office was going to notify the recipient of the letter that the letter did not come from the Tax Collector’s Office. 

“The Tax Collector’s Office attempted to call the telephone number listed on the “Distraint Warrant, however, that number was no longer in service,” said Master Deputy Jimmy Watt. “The warrant contains some information in regards to garnishment of wages and bank account as well as lien’s being placed on property. A tool of scammers is to create a sense of urgency which could cause a victim to act in a way that they might not do otherwise.

“If you receive a notice similar to this in the mail, we recommend that you do not call or respond to any phone numbers or addresses listed on any document. Contact your local Tax Collector’s Office in the county in which you live and verify this information with them first,” said Master Deputy Watt.