TCTC Career Pathways for High School Students

High school students who are considering a career in one of Tri-County Technical College’s career clusters have a new pathway to discover.  Amanda Blanton, High School Engagement and Outreach Program Director at Tri-County Technical College tells more about recent meetings with the School District of Oconee County on the program.  “We have had several meetings with them this year.  Oconee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas is very interested in providing more opportunities for students, really doing something that will enhance that senior year.  We know many high school seniors don’t need a lot of courses their senior year in order to graduate, so they just take a few and have late arrival or early release.  We want to provide more opportunities for these students, so they can use that time wisely and go ahead and get on a career path that will lead to a creditential and hopefully a good job.” This is the first year of the career pathways program at Tri-County Technical College, so pathways are still being developed.  Blanton tells how to get more information on choosing a career pathway. “They can email me at [email protected].  They can call me at 864-646-1501.  They can go to our website and click on high school connection.  This our first year of the career pathways program, so we are still developing the program.” Currently Tri-County Technical College has established pathways in the agriculture, food and natural resources cluster, the architecture and construction cluster, the arts, technology and communications cluster, the business, management and administration cluster, the education and training cluster, the health science cluster, the information technology cluster, the manufacturing cluster, and the science, technology, engineering and mathematics cluster. High school students may receive college credit toward Tri-County degrees and certificates in these pathways through either dual enrollment or Technical Advanced Placement.