TCTC offering help with the FAFSA

A change was recently made concerning the FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, explains Amy Jared, Senior Financial Aid Counselor at Tri-County Technical College (TCTC). “You can now complete your FAFSA early. It used to be Jan. 1, was the date to start doing your FAFSA for the next fall semester, but now they’ve moved it to October. So, you can go out now, it was available Oct. 1, and complete your FAFSA. Thankfully this year, the data retrieval tool, which can just pull all of your tax information straight from the IRS is available, so it makes it much easier.” It is always free to complete the FAFSA, says Jared. “You should never have to pay to complete a FAFSA and you should never pay anyone to complete your FAFSA for you.” TCTC also offers help with the FAFSA every Friday in Miller Hall on the Pendleton Campus, tells Jared. “We offer free help every Friday from 10am to 1pm here at Tri-County. Any student, community member, anybody can come and we will help them complete their FAFSA even if they’re not planning on attending Tri-County.” Jared tells what you should bring to FAFSA Fridays. “We would like for them to bring their 2016 tax information. If they’re a dependent student, which means they are under the age of 24-years-old, not married and don’t have children, they’ll need to bring their parents tax information as well. W2 forms are always helpful.” Everyone who is getting ready to go to college should fill out the FAFSA.