Three Sentenced in Gun Trafficking Operation

Reuben Dunn of Anderson, Marlon Michael Bruff of Georgia, and Ramaro Alsworth Higgins of California were sentenced to federal prison for running an international gun trafficking operation. They bought guns in multiple states and smuggled them into Canada. The investigation began in June 2021 when 73 pistols were found in a van stopped on Interstate 85. The guns had obliterated serial numbers, and hidden compartments contained marijuana. The operation used a company as a front, buying guns in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, and smuggling them into Canada. The group also trafficked marijuana from Canada to the U.S. to fund gun purchases. U.S. District Judge Donald Coggins sentenced Bruff to 10 years, Higgins to 4 years, and Dunn to over 2 years, all followed by three years of supervision. Four other defendants were also convicted and sentenced.