Today is National Donut Day

Today, June 7, marks National Donut Day, a sweet tradition initiated by the Salvation Army during World War I. In 1917, a group of women known as The Salvation Army Lassies were sent to the front lines in France, where they set up makeshift “huts” to boost troop morale by providing necessities and a taste of home. They began making doughnuts, which were often cooked in the helmets of the troops, earning the nickname “doughboys.” This gesture not only lifted spirits but also paved the way for one of the most celebrated food holidays. This year, in Seneca, Debra Andrews and Sue Fugate of the local Salvation Army delivered boxes of donuts to the police, fire, and EMS departments of Oconee County. Our sister station 101.7 Golden Corner Country WGOG and we here 94.1 The Lake were also grateful recipients.