Tornado Safety Tips

Warnings were sounded last night in Oconee County to alert residents of possible tornadoes in the area.  Fortunately, the county was spared any major damage from the storm, explains Adam Williams, deputy director of Oconee County Emergency Management. “The National Weather Service spotted a storm system that was capable of producing tornadoes in the Oconee County area, kind centered from Westminster straight across the county and then south of that line.  The system never had any funnel clouds touch the ground although several were seen forming in the air, but there was no damage done by any tornadoes.  We did have some heavy rain and wind but outside of that we were real fortunate.” Chief Williams tells what to do when you hear a tornado warning sound in your area.  “When you have a tornado warning issued that means that a tornado has been sighted or that the National Weather Service sees a system capable of producing a funnel cloud in that area.  If that tornado warning is centered on your area, you need to take immediate action, like get everyone into a safe place, the center of your home and away from glass that could break.  If you are in a mobile home, those aren’t real safe, you need to find maybe a neighbor with a more solid home to go and take refuge in or maybe there is a business down the road that you could go spend some time in for the next 30 to 45 minutes until the storm passes because it is just not safe to be in a mobile home during that kind of weather.” Practice your family safety plan, so everyone knows where to go and what to do in the event of a weather warning for your area.  Take supplies such as blankets, water and any medicines you may need.