Trump and Allies Denounce Trial Verdict: Allegations of Bias and Political Motivation

President Donald J. Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham, Congressman Jeff Duncan, and Lieutenant Colonel Sheri Biggs have all condemned the recent trial verdict against Trump, labeling it as rigged and politically motivated.

Trump criticized the trial as a disgrace orchestrated by a conflicted, corrupt judge and a Soros-backed DA, asserting his innocence and vowing to fight for the country and the Constitution.

Graham echoed these sentiments, stating that the trial was conducted by a biased prosecutor and judge in a liberal venue, making a fair trial impossible. He predicted the verdict would backfire on the political Left and called the Manhattan legal system a mockery of justice.

Duncan also decried the trial as unconstitutional, accusing the judge of bias and procedural unfairness. He expressed confidence in the appeals process to correct these injustices and vindicate Trump.

Biggs called the verdict a stain on the nation’s history, criticized the politicization of the justice system, and reaffirmed her support for Trump, emphasizing the need to restore integrity to the judicial system.