Two Items approved by Seneca Improvements Corporation

The Seneca Improvements Corporation approved two items at their meeting Wednesday morning. The first deals with the Vangeli’s restaurant project on Ram Cat Alley, explains Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander. “That is a partnership where there is an abandoned building to the right. The city has ownership of the building, but we are doing some work on the building and then we are working with that business so they can occupy that building. Again, its a partnership there. This has been done in other places, but the main thing is we are trying to make sure that a very successful business is able to continue staying in the downtown. Restaurants are huge, I feel like for me, it brings people downtown and they are able to come enjoy all the entertainment that we have downtown that is free.” The other item concerned a business collaboration with Oconee Federal Savings and Loan, tells Mayor Alexander. “It’s a line of credit, basically the city being able to have a line of credit when we are doing some of these developments. Basically, what we are doing is doing some developments and turning the property back over to someone that wants to buy them. It’s just a partnership with them. They’re very excited about it. They’re in the downtown area. So, it is an opportunity for us to work with a local bank, right here in our back door. I just appreciate Oconee Federal Savings and Loan and all that they are doing to help us with our downtown development make things happen.” The city established the Seneca Improvements Corporation in September of 2016 as a way to help make buildings more attractive to businesses.