Update on Bad Creek Transformer moves

Following a delay due to weather conditions, the first of three transformer moves to Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station was completed Friday, Jan. 22. The remaining two equipment moves are tentatively scheduled to occur on Jan. 30-31, and Feb. 6-7, explains Duke Energy spokesperson Kim Crawford. “We will do the moves between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Starting Jan. 16, Duke Energy began moving the first of three 700,000-pound transformers to the Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station. The transformers are being hauled by truck from West Union to Bad Creek in Salem. During these heavy equipment moves, traffic on highways 107 and 28 to Cashiers, N.C., will encounter lengthy delays. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes on the scheduled move dates. It will take approximately two days to move each transformer along the 30-mile route. Static signage will provide detour and construction information to motorists along the route. Local law enforcement and S.C. Highway Patrol vehicles will escort the transport trucks, which will be moving at speeds averaging 2 to 5 mph. It will take approximately an hour or longer to move the loads across each of the two bridges on SC-28. The schedule and duration of each move could change depending on weather and other conditions.” Edwards Moving & Rigging will be moving the transformers by truck and trailer, with overall dimensions of 16 feet wide, 114 feet long and 21 feet high with a combined weight of 856,428 pounds. Updates on the schedule will be posted at the Oconee Nuclear Station World of Energy.