Update on Winter Power Outage

Utility crews with Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative are hard at work restoring power to parts of the Upstate impacted by the winter weather. As tree limbs collect ice, they fall causing power outages across the utility’s service area. As of 11:30am Friday, Jan. 22, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative had 9,670 members without power. Terry Ballenger, spokesperson for Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative gives the outage breakdown by county. “Anderson County lists 482, Greenville County has 1,429, Oconee County reports 1,155 and Pickens County lists 6,604 customers without power. All in-house crews along with 110 crew members from outside contractors and co-ops are at work on repairing the damaged power lines.” To report an outage to Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, call 1-888-BLUERIDGE.