US Attorney sponsoring Sentry Logo Contest

The United States Attorney’s Office is sponsoring its 10thAnnual Project Sentry Logo Contest.  The statewide contest allows students an opportunity to illustrate how they prevent gun violence in their schools by designing a logo for use on upcoming Project Sentry publications.  The contest is open to any student (elementary, middle, or high school age) in South Carolina.  Entries will be divided into four grade categories.  A winner will be selected from each of the four grade categories and will each receive a $50 cash award.  The overall winning logo, which will be chosen from among the four grade division category winners, will receive an additional $50 cash award and will be featured in Project Sentry publications. Entries should be consistent with the theme “Preventing Gun Violence At Your School.”  The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 5, 2013.  Contest information has been sent to schools throughout South Carolina encouraging them to participate.  Therefore, if your child is interested in participating, contact your school or local law enforcement agency as contest information has been provided to them.