Value and Affordability of TCTC Education

You can get a great education for half the price of what you might pay at a four-year university, says Tri-County Technical College (TCTC) Orientation Coordinator Katie Beeson. “Value and affordability is extremely important. We offer different seamless transfer programs for students interested in transferring to another institution. We also have a career training base, so if you are interested in pursuing a certain type of career or just want to get back into school, we have those options too. Small class size is extremely important too, our average class size is around 25 students. So, it is very small and allows you to have that hands on experience every time that you are in the classroom. That value that we apply is going to be the convenient locations; with campuses in Oconee, Easley, Anderson and Pendleton, to meet those different county needs and industry needs.” Learn more at The admission deadline for fall semester is Aug. 9.