Warning about Downed Power Lines

A warning is going out to residents of Upstate South Carolina to be cautious around downed power lines.  The wintry weather experienced today could cause ice to accumulate on power lines causing them to fall.  Duke Energy spokesperson Sandra Magee warns residents to stay away.  “If you see a line down from a tree being on the line or ice bringing a tree across the line, please stay clear of the line.  Report the line down to Duke Energy at 1-880-777-9898.  But it is very important for people to stay away from those lines.” Magee gives the number to report a power outage to Duke Energy. “Certainly if the weather causes a power outage customers should call our 1-800-POWER-ON line to report an outage and that is 1-800-769-3766.  All calls will be routed and they will be given an estimated time of restoration.” Use caution when traveling tonight as black ice is expected to form on roads causing dangerous driving conditions.