Westminster Budget Passes Second Reading

The City of Westminster’s $41.4 million budget for fiscal years 2024-25 was approved after a second reading at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The budget, which includes significant increases for capital projects and utility improvements, breaks down as follows: General, $2.7 million; Utility, $8.7 million; Solid Waste, $588,791; ATAX, $12,500; HTAX, $202,000; Fire Department, $86,150; Local Development Corp, $53,780; Youth Recreation Fund, $554,900; and Capital Projects Fund, $28.5 million. Major projects include $5 million for a recreation complex, $8.7 million for a USDA loan, and $4 million for sewer improvements.

Residents will see rate increases for water, electric, sewer, and garbage collection, totaling about $10 more per month for a typical user.

The budget takes effect on July 1.