60,000 Jobs available across SC in March

There were more than 60,000 advertised jobs in South Carolina during March, according to the Conference Board’s monthly Help Wanted Online (HWOL) report. That number is down slightly to 60,300 in March from 61,300 in February, reports the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW). In March 2018, there were 2.6 ads per 100 people in the state’s civilian labor force. Nationally, there are 2.98 ads per 100 civilians in the labor force in March 2018. “South Carolina’s economy continues to grow and businesses continue to add jobs that pay good wages that can support a family. If anyone is in need of assistance finding a job, contact one of our SC Works Center representatives for help,” said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. DEW. The South Carolina industry with the most job openings is Professional and Related jobs with 19,032 and paying an average hourly wage of $29.69. This group is followed by Sales and Office, 11,710, paying on average $15.98 per hour; Production and Transportation, 8,383, paying on average $16.79 per hour; Service, 7,360, paying on average $11.66 per hour; Management and Business, 6,506, paying on average $38.65 per hour; and Construction and Maintenance, 6,106, paying on average $19.61 per hour. According to the DEW, the February Supply and Demand rate stands at 1.66 unemployed for each advertised vacancy in South Carolina. The national February Supply and Demand rate is 1.42. The S.C. DEW is building a pipeline of quality workers, matches workers with jobs, and is a bridge for individuals who find themselves out of work for no fault of their own. This promotes financial stability and economic prosperity for employers, individuals and communities. DEW is dedicated to advancing South Carolina through services that meet the needs of the state’s businesses, jobseekers and those looking to advance their careers.