Amazon donating to OC Friends of the Library

When you shop online this holiday season, you can make a donation to the Friends of the Oconee County Public Library (OCPL). Whenever you use Amazon Smile, you can make a donation, says OCPL Director Blair Hinson. “A lot of folks are probably familiar with Amazon Smile, they have a thing when you make orders from Amazon you can have a portion of that order donated to a particular charity or a particular non-profit. So, the Friends are encouraging everyone when you go on there for Amazon Smile to designate the Oconee County Friends of the Library as your charity. It is a pretty small percentage but considering how much a lot of people order from Amazon, we actually do see a nice little chunk of change from there every once in awhile. So, I think as more people hear about it and get a chance to actually participate and I know this time of year with a lot of people ordering stuff online for the holidays and everything, it’s not insignificant we get a pretty nice little kick back from that. So, if you get a chance, if you haven’t or if you’re doing some last minute stuff and you want to contribute a little bit extra just make sure to designate the Oconee County Friends of the Library as your charity or as your non-profit for Amazon Smile.” Simply go to and Amazon donates to the Oconee County Friends of the Library.