Anderson Man steals Police Car after Forgery Arrest

Authorities have arrested a man, who they say stole and crashed a police vehicle.  The South Carolina Radio Network reports that 26-year-old Kenneth Franklin Tollison of Anderson now faces multiple charges. An Iva police officer arrested Tollison around 11:15am Wednesday for attempting to cash a forged check at the Peoples Bank. After Tollison was placed in the back seat of a police cruiser, officers say he somehow managed to bring his cuffed hands to the front of his body, exited the rear seat, reentered through the front, and drove off.  Iva Police Officers pursued the stolen vehicle outside the town lines, where they were assisted by Anderson County Sheriff’s deputies. Police say that, during the ensuing chase, Tollison nearly struck a police cruiser.  Within ten minutes, the stolen vehicle was found wrecked and abandoned, nearly six miles outside the town. Sheriff’s investigators then obtained arrest warrants for Tollison on two counts of attempted murder, grand larceny and failure to stop for police officers. Steve Haynes, an area resident who is also a retired police officer, saw Tollison walking down the street around 8:30pm. Haynes asked a neighbor to call the police while he confronted Tollison. A fight ensued between the two and Haynes managed to subdue Tollison and held him there until deputies arrived. Both men were taken to AnMed Health for treatment. Deputies say additional charges may be coming against Tollison due to the altercation with Haynes.