Apparent drowning in Lake Keowee

A 35-year old Easley man fell from his boat to his death late yesterday afternoon in Lake Keowee. Coroner Karl Addis says the body of Charles David Keeney will be autopsied to assist with the investigation of what’s presumed to have been a drowning death. Oconee County 9-1-1 was activated at 4:05 p-m by a report of a man “had a seizure and fell into the water” off the boat he was operating in a cove near Fall Creek Falls. Three other people, including Keeney’s son, were on the boat at the time. Divers found the body about 90 minutes later in water 38 feet deep and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Charlie King of Oconee Emergency Services said, “As the weather begins to warm up, we encourage everyone to wear a life jacket when in and around our lakes and streams. If you are enjoying the water by boat, make sure it is equipped with the required safety equipment for your trip….”