Be cautious driving on Wet Roads

So far, Oconee County is on the safer side of Michael, which is passing through the area as a tropical storm. A few trees fell over night in the Golden Corner and there are puddles on some roadways, but other than that, no problems have been reported this morning as steady, moderate rain falls in the county, reports Oconee County Deputy Chief of Special Operations and Emergency Manager Scott Krein. “Well last night as the storm came in we’ve had a steady rain, but that rain has been heavy at times, but overall the area has managed the amount of water. We’ve had a little bit of standing water on the roads, so I always want to caution everyone to drive a little slower in these events. But, very few trees down as of right now and most of our power is still on in the area.” As always, stay alert to changing weather conditions and seek shelter if the weather turns threatening.