Black History Luncheon at Lunney

An historian will address a Seneca luncheon next month to help mark the city’s observance of Black History Month.  Seneca Events Coordinator Riley Johnson gives details.  “We are excited about Black History Month.  The big highlight of the month will be on February 7 at the Lunney House Museum.  We will have Rebekah Dobrasko from the SC Historic Preservation Office.  She will be there as the special guest speaker.  If you want to attend this luncheon, you need to call (864) 247-3996 or call Seneca City Hall at (864) 885-2700 and we will get you set up.  It is going to be a great month, we are excited about it and we are excited about the Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum.  This is just another way to highlight everything we are doing in and around Seneca for the whole month of February.” Seating is limited for the February 7 luncheon at the Lunney House Museum, so reservations should be made by calling (864) 247-3996.