Blue and Gold voted colors of New CAT Bus in Seneca

Votes have been tabulated in the community’s online survey to select the colors of the new all-electric CAT buses for the City of Seneca.  “The public has voted and blue and gold is what has been selected.  We had a great response, so many people voted and the traditional blue and gold of Seneca High School is going to be the new color of the new all-electric CAT bus that will be rolling in a little bit later on this year.  Once again, thanks to everybody that voted and as soon as we get a mockup of what the new bus is going to look like we will put that on the website and let everybody take a look at it.” That was Seneca Events Coordinator Riley Johnson with the winning colors announcement.  Design three with the Seneca Bobcat colors received 54% of votes cast.  To view how the other two designs fared in the online voting survey visit the city’s website at