Burglary Conviction and Sentencing

Nearing his 40th birthday, lifelong Oconee County resident, William David Gunn, was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Tuesday, including time served awaiting trial. Gunn was convicted of a burglary that took place a year ago.

William David Gunn

Despite his defense lawyer, Catherine Wyse, pleading for leniency, prosecutor Beth Blundy labeled Gunn a “menace” to Oconee County due to his extensive criminal record. This record was highlighted by Judge Sprouse at sentencing. Gunn’s arrest on April 18, 2023, occurred when deputies found him on the burgled property, giving an unsatisfactory explanation for his presence.

Toby Shaw, the burglary victim, insisted in court that the burgled structure was a home filled with mementos and memories of his late mother, countering the defense’s claim that it was merely a building.