CDC reports Harsh Flu Season so far

It has been a harsh flu season and there is more to come, says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden.  “The bottom line is that the flu season continues, we are in the middle of flu season about halfway through and it is shaping up to be a worse than average season and bad season particularly for the elderly.” Flu season typically follows the same pattern, adds Dr. Frieden. “First we see the cases increase, then we see hospitalizations increase, then we see deaths increase; that is what we see each year as the flu season progresses.” Dr. Frieden says flu season is very dangerous for older Americans. “In general we estimate that about 90% of flu related deaths are in people, 65 and older.” The CDC reports 29 pediatric deaths have occurred so far this flu season as well.  The best protection against the flu is to be vaccinated.  Dr. Frieden says vaccine manufacturers are planning to make about 10 million more does of vaccine than originally projected. “Recent reports indicate that they are able to produce additional doses of flu vaccine, totaling about 145 million doses.” Flu season typically runs through March with the majority of cases reported in January and February.  Talk to your doctor about being vaccinated against the flu this year.