Cement Truck Driver Charged with Reckless Homicide

Creshaun Rainey, the driver of a cement truck, has been charged in connection with a multi-vehicle crash in Anderson County that resulted in the death of a 3-month-old baby boy, Jakai Govan.

The accident, which involved 10 vehicles, occurred on U.S. 29 on April 5 when Rainey was reportedly driving too fast and using his phone.  Investigators said the infant suffered a fatal skull fracture due to the impact despite being properly restrained.

Creshaun Rainey

Rainey, who was unharmed, faces charges of reckless homicide, two counts of assault and battery, and failure to pay child support. He is currently held at the Anderson County Detention Center with a bond set at $30,000 for the crash-related charges.