City and County partnering to bring Jobs to area

A means to create more jobs in Oconee County was unanimously approved on first reading by the Seneca City Council at their meeting this month.  Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander says this ordinance creates a joint county industrial and business park related to the building of the new Hampton Inn and Suites.  “This was a document that needed to take place from a legal stand point.  The county has been working with the city in economic development and trying to create jobs.  They have created some jobs and investments here in this community.  This had to be set up from a legal standpoint for the fee in lieu of that we recently gave the hotel when it came here to attract them here.  These are just agreements that have to be between the city and the county.” The agreement is all about creating jobs, adds Mayor Alexander.  “We are actually doing several things with the county right now and the relationship, in my years, this is the best it has ever been as far as trying to create jobs and make good things happen.  The Propex property, the county is working with us there too.  A lot of doors have opened and I am really grateful for that.  I just look forward to what the future holds because I know the county is trying to do some major things around I85, opening up that corridor as you come in South Carolina with economic development.  The goal is about creating jobs, they are doing a great job and we just really appreciate being a part.” This intergovernmental agreement with the county goes hand-in-hand with the ordinance.  The Seneca City Council will hold second reading on the ordinance at a work session planned for October 29th.