City of Seneca Sets Goals for the Future

Officials with the City of Seneca held a Strategic Planning Retreat on Thursday. City Administrator Scott Moulder began the session with a presentation of goals set by the Mayor and Council three years ago. He then presented both successes and shortcomings that the city has experienced since the last meeting.

One failure Moulder noted, in particular, was the city’s inability to establish designated bus stops. He said it was primarily due to SCDOT concerns, and that the city has been working with state transportation officials to address the issue.

But, the city has had some wins, especially financially. Moulder said that many of the projects undertaken have been mainly funded by grants and not the local taxpayers…

The second half of yesterday’s meeting was led by ACOG’s Trey Eubanks, who helped the Mayor and Council develop a list of goals to accomplish in the coming years. They included better city marketing strategies, options for youth recreation and entertainment, infrastructure and paving on EN 1st Street, and targeted business development.