Cracking Down on Fake IDs in Clemson

The Clemson Police Department, in collaboration with the City of Clemson, Clemson University, Intelli-Check, and local businesses, is expanding the use of the Age ID app to more bars in Tiger Town to combat fake IDs.

The app, which has been successfully used by Tiger Town Tavern for years, scans and verifies driver’s licenses, significantly reducing underage drinking. Chief Jorge Campos and Mayor Robert Halfacre said that at least 15 establishments have agreed to use the app, which is also used by Clemson officers…

Intelli-Check warned that fake IDs, which are increasingly common and sophisticated, often lead to identity theft. The initiative is part of a broader effort to address underage, high-risk drinking and create a safer environment. The program is funded by South Carolina’s DAODAS, Phoenix Center treatment facility, and local government agencies.