Five Easy Resolutions for Small Businesses

By now, most people have already broken at least a few of their New Year’s resolutions, but the NFIB Small Business Legal Center has come up with a list of five resolutions every small-business owner should keep. In the next few weeks, South Carolina’s small-business owners should: Perform an Insurance Check-Up. If it has been a few years since you’ve reviewed your coverage check in with your agent this year. Review Employee Policies. Although employee handbooks can be really helpful to employers, having a bad employee handbook can hurt you. Check Corporate Records. This year make an appointment with an attorney or accountant to review your corporate binder’s contents. Institute a Good Document Retention Policy. Many business owners are unsure as to how long they should retain business documents and records. Audit I-9 Forms, which the federal government uses to hold employers accountable for hiring workers legally eligible to work in the United States. To learn more, visit the NFIB Small Business Legal Center’s website at