Homebrewing 101 Workshop at the Ag Museum

Join the Agricultural Museum of South Carolina for the next exciting installment of our “Back to Your Roots: Workshops at the Ag Museum” series. On Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, “Homebrewing 101” will be located at the Agricultural Museum of South Carolina. The workshop begins at 10am and ends at noon. Are you interested in learning how to brew your own beer at home, or just interested in how others make that flavorful concoction? The “Homebrewing 101”workshop is open to beginners and “brewmasters” alike. During this workshop, we will be brewing a 5-gallon all-grain batch and will cover mashing, sparging, boil, and chilling. The instructor will also discuss grain and hop selection, and how those contribute to the flavor of the beer. Our hands-on portion of the workshop will include a sampling of 2 or 3 home brewed beers, along with examples of various ingredients. Each attendee will also be taking a home an Agricultural Museum of South Carolina 5-ounce sampler glass to show off to all your family and friends. The cost is $20 per person and pre-registration is required. Deadline to register for this workshop is Sept. 22, 2016. Registration is limited, so contact Nikki Saylors at 864-646-7271 as soon as possible to reserve your space. For this workshop, all attendees must be 21 years old or older. The Agricultural Museum of South Carolina is located at 120 History Lane in Pendleton.