Job Forecast for 2013

The job forecast for 2013 is positive. reports that hiring managers plan to add employees in the New Year; however, a few also said they would be downsizing.  CareerBuilder’s Jennifer Grasz explains. “If you look at the number of employers that are hiring, that’s increased three percentage points to 26%, if you look at the number downsizing that has increased a couple of percentage points up to 9%.” Those 26% of hiring managers plan to add full-time permanent employees in the New Year.  Grasz says some companies are also downsizing. “You also see a bump in the number of employers that are planning to downsize, so that is up to 9% and so what you are seeing is this mix of optimism and caution that has really been characteristic of this recovery.” Grasz says the numbers show hiring is moving in a positive direction. “The bigger increase is happening on the hiring side and there are a lot more companies planning to hire and what is encouraging are that you are seeing that across industries.  It is not one particular industry or its not just large companies that are hiring; you are seeing small businesses get more confident.” According to the 2013 job forecast, these are the top positions, concludes Grasz. “The top two positions are sales and information technology and that has stayed pretty consistent over the last few years, but other areas that will be hiring for are customer service, engineering, production workers, business development, administrative research and development and also accounting, finance and marketing.” To read the complete forecast for hiring in 2013, visit