Library Services in the Digital Age

The Pew Research Center released a report called Library Services in the Digital Age. It looks at how libraries have kept up with technology and what people really want from their local library. Pew Research Center’s Kathryn Zickuhr says librarians are like the Geek Squad.  “They are now sort of serving as a type of tech support for their communities where people bring in an e-Reader or a Tablet they got for Christmas that might be still be in the box but they are coming in and asking the library to help them figure out how to use it and how to download e-books.” App-based access to library materials really interests people, says Zickuhr.  “About 35% of Americans said they would be very likely to use a library App and about 28% said that they would be some what likely.” Zickuhr says many people are interested in trying out new gadgets at their local library.  “Tech device pet zoos where people could go to the library and try out a new device, such as an e-Reader that they were thinking of buying or a Tablet.  That was one of the most popular services that we asked about, about 35% of Americans said they would be very interested in using tech tryout programs.” You would be surprised how high tech libraries are these days, concludes Zickuhr.  “Libraries are offering access to information, but today access to information includes access to the tools that let you get that information, such as the internet, computers, e-Readers, Tablets and mobile devices.” Check out what the Oconee County Public Library System offers by visiting their on-line branch at