Mayor urging Residents to take Transit Survey

A survey is circulating around Oconee County asking residents their thoughts about public transportation.  Clemson Area Transit operates fare free public transportation in Seneca and residents are pushing for services to extend further into the county.  The City of Seneca is encouraging residents to take the survey, explains Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander.  “I’m a real strong advocate of public transportation because that is another thing that Seneca was able to implement that I feel is a major economic boost.  If you are a business or own rental property, especially apartment complex, you really love it if public transportation is near you.” URS Corporation is conducting the public transit survey for Oconee County. Public comment could help determine whether Walhalla, Westminster and other parts of the county receive public transportation service, adds Mayor Alexander.  “What they are looking at is the possibility of extending this service in other areas outside where we are serving now.  So, the county has asked for this survey to be done.  They have looked at the Walhalla area, running a route that way and a route going toward Westminster.  I know that there are other areas and that is why it is real important for you to take time and fill out the survey to let us know what you think about it.” Seneca agreed to provide a link to the transit survey through the city’s website at  The City of Walhalla and Oconee County have links to the survey on their websites as well. The survey only takes a few minutes to fill out.