Missing Hiker located

The search for a missing hiker in Table Rock State Park has ended with positive news, the man walked out on his own.  Oconee County Emergency Management director Scott Krein gives details.  “This morning we were searching and one of the search teams was at Table Rock State Park when our subject did walk out on his own power and one of our search teams located him.  Therefore, we are in the process of demobilizing and getting all the search parties out today.  Pickens County was the lead agency today for all the searching.” This was a pre-planned family trip.  The missing hiker, a 45-year-old man, was separated, explains Chief Krein.  “It was family and friends and he was actually a friend of this and wanted to get out a do a little more camping than he had done in the past, so they choose to do the Foothills Trail.  That is a 76-mile trail that goes from Table Rock State Park to Oconee State Park, which is where they put in on Sunday.” Chief Krein offers this advice to hikers planning a trip to the outdoors.  “Right now with all the rain that we have been having, we need to watch some of the trails are flooded and some of the trails are a little muddy, so it does take longer.  So, plan your time and make sure that you can stay in some type of communication and stay with your party.  Stay together.” Also, tell someone where you are going and plan to return, so if a problem occurs, emergency officials know where to begin looking.