Moulder signs Contract to be New Seneca City Administrator

A day after resigning his position as Oconee County Administrator, Scott Moulder signed a $169,500 a year contract for three-years to be the new City Administrator in Seneca. Moulder met with Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander, City Administrator Greg Dietterick, council members and city staff Wednesday afternoon at City Hall to make it official. “I am so blessed and so excited to be a part of the city family. Before we talk about the future, I want to recognize Greg. I call him Uncle Greg because when I first moved here he took my hand and helped me become acclimated to the community. I have learned a lot from him and he has been a huge supporter for a lot of my success here and I couldn’t have done it without him. I couldn’t think of a finer man to follow in his footsteps and I hope I do you proud. I also want to thank the mayor and council for taking a leap. It’s not always a popular decision when you start talking to your county’s administrator about coming to work for you, so I want to thank you for your confidence in me, your appreciation for what we have been able to accomplish there. I look so forward to the future, I’m so excited.” Moulder will be replacing Dietterick, who retires on June 30, after 20 years serving in the city’s top position. Mayor Alexander is excited to have Moulder coming on board. “There are exciting things happening in Seneca. Greg has definitely built a foundation here and I am very grateful to him coming here and doing all that he has done. I know Scott is looking forward to being here and taking over. I feel like the future is bright here, not only in Seneca but Oconee County and having good leadership is the key. Again, I’m excited, this process started several month ago. We had 20 good applicants and then we narrowed it down, but then Scott showed his interest in wanting to be here. So, that sort of started that and we sat down many times and sort of worked out a deal.” Moulder starts work with the city on May 14. Dietterick will assist him with the transition and is thrilled to have him taking over the job. “Well, I liked Scott when I interviewed him for the county administrator job eight years ago and I’m thrilled that he is here. I think it is going to be a good transition for everybody. Thank you to my council members for hanging in there the last 20 years.” Moulder’s last day working for the county will be Tuesday, May 8.