Normal Business at OC Sheriff’s Office despite Saturday Fire

As investigators with the Walhalla Fire Department and the State Law Enforcement Division try to determine the cause of a Saturday evening fire at the Oconee County Law Enforcement Center, business remains as normal at the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, explains Public Information Officer Jimmy Watt. “Even though part of our Law Enforcement Center did suffer some damage due to a fire on Saturday, our normal and routine law enforcement operations do continue. We ask citizens if they need the Sheriff’s Office or a deputy to respond to the scene of a call for service no matter where it is, obviously our dispatch is fully staffed and available to take those phone calls and our deputies will respond as well. So, even though this fire has affected some of our operations, especially when it comes to the Patrol Division, we have made other arrangements through our substations or using our facilities here that were not affected by the fire for our deputies to be able to file reports and do what they need to do. But once again, really it is business as usual at the Sheriff’s Office, our dispatch is fully staffed and deputies are responding to calls as normal, so if any citizens need our assistance, please know if you do call we will respond.” No one was injured in the fire, which damaged furniture, computers as well as the building. Early estimates of the damage are around $100,000.