OC Chamber hosts Governor for Round Table Discussion

Wednesday afternoon, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster made a stop in Seneca as part of his Main Street Round Table Discussion Tour across the state. The event was hosted by the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce at the Thrift Development Building. “This is a beautiful state that we have things here like institutions, people, oceans, mountains, universities, technical schools; we have things here they don’t have anywhere else and we need to fully realize that the future is ours. We need to work hard, we need to concentrate on developing our skills in workforce development especially. But the sky is the limit for us but we must keep the taxes low, we must keep the regulations low and reasonable and what I am here for is to learn what I can do. I work for the people of South Carolina and I want to know what I can do to make their lives easier and to make business thrive more than it is thriving now. A healthy economy solves a lot of problems and we are in position right now where we can take a giant step forward ahead of all the other states in economic prosperity that will produce happiness and security for generations in South Carolina.” The Governor was interested in hearing from Chamber business members about any regulations that are restricting their businesses. A few local business owners inquired about planning processes varying from place to place and the awarding of Department of Transportation bids. Oconee County Chamber Executive Director Vanessa Penton was very pleased with the visit. “He had great news to tell us about the state as a whole. We know Oconee County is in good shape and sometimes we are not as privy to know about the state, so we do have some good things lined up in regards to industry coming into the state and he enlightened us even more on some other things. So, we were pleased to have him and honored to him.” The Governor concluded his speech by saying that politics is the hunt for the next good idea and invited everyone to get involved in the process of making South Carolina the best state in the nation.