OC Elections Commission certifies Midterm Election

Tuesday’s Midterm Election has been canvassed and certified in Oconee County. On Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, the Oconee County Elections Commission counted provisional and failsafe ballots, explains Oconee County Voter Registration and Elections Director Joy Scharich. “Yes, we do have a canvass, all the votes are counted for and we have a certified election total. They canvassed yesterday and counted 17 provisional from election day that were voted on paper and 12 failsafe ballots and we added that to the final results.” The Oconee County Board of Canvassers certify that all proper procedures for canvassing votes in the election have been followed and received written confirmation from election commission staff of the same; and upon such confirmation and any further review, the board certified the results of the election are correct in all respects. So, no recounts will be required in Oconee County and the Midterm Election results are now final.