OC Firefighters participate in Tanker Shuttle Training

Members of four rural Oconee County fire departments took part last weekend in a training exercise in which they shuttled water from one location to another. Having the ability to quickly transport water, according to Oconee County Fire Chief Charlie King, is essential in areas where no or few hydrants exist. The focus of last Saturday’s training for the Fair Play, South Union, Oakway and Crossroads stations was the ability to efficiently set up water source locations at hydrants and through draft from Lake Hartwell. They also dumped water into remotely-located portable tanks. “Focus of Saturday’s training was to efficiently establish water source locations at hydrants and via draft from Lake Hartwell as well as dumping water into portable tanks located remotely from the water supply points,” added Chief King.  “When this ability to transport water is verified by the Insurance Services Office, the result is not only better fire protection but also lower fire insurance ratings for those greater than 1,000 foot from a fire hydrant.” Fair Play was successful in demonstrating this ability in 2001 and citizens of that district have realized significant insurance premium savings as a result.