OC only Upstate County to see Job Growth

Oconee County received some recognition this week in Columbia as the House Ways and Means Committee heard a report that the Golden Corner was the only place in the Upstate that saw employment growth.  Oconee County Economic Development Commission executive director Richard Blackwell gives details. “Frank Rainwater, who is the Chief Economist for the state of South Carolina, made a presentation to the South Carolina House Ways and Means Committee.  In that presentation he talks about some of the economic indicators across the entire state and kind of buried down in his presentation, he had a little positive news about Oconee County.  I quote: “Oconee County was the only place in the Upstate that saw employment growth with a net addition of 50 jobs between 2008-12.  There were four years, Oconee County was ray of hope and I think that speaks volumes to the direction the county is heading and the positive energy we have had in the last year.” Blackwell says more exciting news about economic development is coming for Oconee County. “We are right on the edge of releasing our new five-year economic development strategy, which is essential our new playbook to go out there and tell the story of Oconee County to those corporate decision makers and real estate brokers to shine a positive spotlight on Oconee County to go out there and get jobs.  Whether that is working extremely hard on retaining jobs or going out and recruiting those jobs, we are very excited about this new strategy that is really going to set a new tone and direction for a new Oconee County.”  The Oconee County Economic Development Commission plans to unveil the new five-year economic development strategy in the coming weeks.