OC Regional Airport buzzing on Clemson Gamedays

With the success of the Clemson Tigers football team this season, the Oconee Regional Airport is buzzing on home game day weekends, says Jeff Garrison, Director of the Oconee Regional Airport. “Well, just the buzz of Clemson football I think has made us busier and because of that on those busy games we decided that a temporary tower would be safer for our non-controlled field. It’s an uncontrolled field, so the tower brings that safety into it and it worked out very well. We’ve done two games so far and our goal is to try to get some funding to do more games for next year.” This past weekend, the Oconee Regional Airport assisted 60-65 airplanes with successful landings and takeoffs for the Clemson versus Florida State football game in Death Valley of Clemson Memorial Stadium. The airport sold approximately 4,000 gallons of jet fuel and that money goes into the coffers of Oconee County government.