OC Superintendent doing well after Heart Surgery

On September 5th, Oconee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas went on medical leave in order to have heart valve replacement surgery.  The Board of Trustees for the School District of Oconee County named Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michael Thorsland as acting superintendent in the absence of Dr. Lucas.  Dr. Thorsland gives an update on Dr. Lucas’s recovery. “He is doing very well.  He has recovered from his surgery and he is anxious to get back to work and we are anxious for him to get back to work.” Doctors said it would take at least two months for Dr. Lucas to recover from open-heart surgery.  They stressed that he focus on himself during this time and not worry about school.  Dr. Thorsland says he has done well staying away from school. “He has done a great job staying away and following the doctor’s orders.  I understand he is doing his cardiac rehab and walking his two and half miles a day, doing very well.  We are just anxious for him to be back and he will be back two weeks from today.” Dr. Lucas is scheduled to return on November 4th.  Dr. Thorsland says he is grateful to the community for all of their well wishes during his recovery.  “He has reported that he has received many notes, get well soon cards and things like that.  He is doing very well though and he is just anxious to get back.” Surgery on Dr. Lucas was done to correct a congenital defect of his aortic valve, which is a very common birth defect that is often identified by a heart murmur.