OC Superintendent shares thoughts on CT School Tragedy

As the nation mourns Friday’s tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, communities struggle to return to their normal routines.  Oconee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas offered these thoughts on the tragic school shooting.  “My heart and prayer go out to that community because I just can’t imagine what people are feeling in that community.  I do want to reassure our community that we work hard to make sure that we have a safe and secure environment for kids and a safe place and a wonderful place for our teachers and those to do their job.” The School District of Oconee County works closely with local law enforcement on school safety issues.  Dr. Lucas feels that cooperation will further benefit students in the future after this tragedy. “We will learn from what happened.  We know that law enforcement will give us some advice on other things we can do to enhance our security in the district.” In the wake of Friday’s shooting in Connecticut, school districts nationwide have been advised to heighten security.  Dr. Lucas said school resource officers are in place at all of the middle and high schools in the county and extra patrols have been added around schools this week.