Oconee County Council Convenes for Key Discussions

The Oconee County Council is set to convene at 6:00 PM this evening in Walhalla with a range of important items on the agenda.

One of the highlights of the meeting is the proclamation recognizing the US Constitution Week. This gesture underscores the council’s commitment to honoring and upholding the principles of the US Constitution.

The council will also discuss several ordinances related to lease agreements, economic development, budget amendments, and special source revenue credits.

The meeting will see deliberations on action items and resolutions such as ATAX grant recommendations and an airport taxiway pavement rehabilitation project.

Intergovernmental agreements for fire protection and emergency services are also on the table, and the council will address wastewater disposal issues at the detention center.

Lastly, a lease transfer for King Asphalt Inc. is up for consideration.

Tonight’s meeting is open to the public.