OCPL seeking Community Feedback

In 2018, the Oconee County Public Library (OCPL) wants to hear from the community. The library seeks feedback on what the community likes and needs, tells OCPL Director Blair Hinson. “We are going to be doing some strategic planning. We’ll be having a couple of community meetings. So, be looking for that after the first of the year, we’d like to get as much input as we can about some of the things that the library could be doing. We have a lot of fun programs and that kind of thing and we already have some pretty good partnerships with the schools and social organizations, but we really want to be even more centered in teh community. We want to know what people would like to see in the community just in general what kind of vision do people have for the community and then we’re going to see what the library can do to meet some of those needs. So, after the first of the year, folks will be hearing a lot more from us about what they would like to see in their library. This is the county library, it belongs to everyone here in the county, your taxes pay for it, we’d like everybody to be able to use it and enjoy and if there is more that we can be doing with local agencies, partnering with somebody else to come up with a new service or a new program that we’re not doing yet or if there are some things that we’re doing already that we could expand on we want to know about it. So, I encourage everybody to kind of be looking for that, we will putting the word out more about that after the beginning of the year. But we are trying to get some input from folks about what they would like to see in their library.” To learn more about the OCPL, visit http://oconeelibrary.org.