OHC requests Centennial Photos for New Exhibit

During 2018, Oconee County will be celebrating its Sesquicentennial, or 150th birthday. As a way of commemorating the Sesquicentennial, the Oconee Heritage Center (OHC) is requesting photographs of the Oconee County Centennial celebration that was held in 1968. “People visiting OHC often remark that the Centennial celebrations were some of their fondest memories: people dressing up in period clothing, the parades, Minnie Pearl visiting,” says OHC Director and Curator Leslie White Hagerty. “We want to capture those memories through the photographs that families took during those celebrations.” The OHC is looking for personal photographs of families and centennial events to create a digital exhibit that will be on display at the museum throughout the Sesquicentennial and be featured on social media. “We have a strong collection of Centennial artifacts and official photos from the events, but we want to showcase the community during that celebration,” says Assistant Curator Jennifer Moss. The exhibit Centennial Snapshots will run through 2018 to commemorate the year-long Sesquicentennial celebrations. Submit your photo, along with names of the people in the photo to [email protected]. If you are unable to send the photo via email, stop by the OHC, Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 5pm, and have it scanned by staff and given back to you. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 16, 2018.