OMC wins Cooking Contest

A team from Oconee Medical Center’s dietary department won a hospital food cooking challenge called the Cooking Well Invitational held last week at the Culinary Institute of Charleston.  The Oconee Medical Center team comprised of a chef, two dietitians and an accountant; beat out nine other teams from other South Carolina hospitals. The purpose of the invitational was to demonstrate how South Carolina hospitals are making hospital food healthier and more appealing.  The four-member teams had two hours each to create a three-course meal for $5 that met nutritional standards for health.  The winning team from Oconee Medical Center created a meal featuring the only vegetarian entrée, a black bean and chickpea burger with avocado cilantro dressing. The dessert was ginger snap wafers with a blueberry fruit topping. Because no prepared products could be brought in, the team had to make the bun and the wafers on site in a pan.